Rebranding projects to unlock business value.

Rebranding projects are much more than facelift exercises. As with any design project, they can significantly benefit the business strategy.

Executing a rebranding initiative demands meticulous preparation, a substantial investment, and accurate comprehension of the potential ROI. The risks and benefits of a rebranding project must be carefully evaluated. Organisations can easily stumble into unexpected complexity when facing these projects. The delta between PROs and CONs can create critical friction between business departments and overcast the expected return on investment (ROI).

According to my experience, when a rebranding project starts, the collaboration between departments is crucial to list all the problems and focus on what will unleash more business potential. Afterwards, the coordination among departments concerning its implementation can make a difference in determining its success.

I’ve listed the topics that can help evaluate the risk of embarking on a rebranding project and better foresee the business value it could unlock for the organisation.

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