I am a designer that unlocks business value

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Design is my passion. Crafting design solutions that unlock business value is my mission.

I am a designer gifted with a superpower. I spot the exact point where business, technology, and user experience intersect, regardless of the industry. This remarkable skill enables me to craft outstanding digital experiences that unlock value, provide tangible benefits and stand out from the crowd.

I founded Dopamino.com to curate a collection of valuable insights and real-world examples highlighting the importance of design in the digital realm. Here, I share my expertise in mastering the essential elements of design practice that can add value to businesses.

What’s on the menu at dopamino.com


I curate a logbook because it is beneficial for analyzing my past actions and determining where I want to go in my career. I like to write down my thoughts and reflections, which helps me enhance my leadership and design skills.


My end-to-end product design process focuses on spotting the intersection between tech, design and business to obtain measurable results in the short, mid, and long run.


I am a sneakerhead, a petrolhead, a greedy comic reader and a cookie lover. Sometimes I share stuff about these passions.

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