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Here’s why Dopamino is about design that unlocks business value.

More than twenty years ago, I started dopamino.com to share the best of my knowledge about crafting design solutions that unlock business value. Fueled by the firm conviction that design must speak business, not vice-versa, I decided to collect what I experience in my day-to-day fatigue as a designer in the digital industry. My ultimate goal is to demonstrate how crucial it is for designers to craft solutions that are beneficial for both users and businesses and to help companies save a spot for the design practice at their decision-making table.

As with every journey, mine has had its ups and downs, and dopamino.com is a repository of my learnings and experiences. I want to share how I have applied design to support crucial strategic decisions that have helped companies move ahead in accomplishing their business objectives. At times, I’ve had to face the challenging resistance to perceive the design practice as a business enabler.

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The archive at once

My current gig

As of December 2022, I am pleased to have become a part of the Vorwerk International family as Global Head of Experience Design. Working with a team of exceptionally talented designers, I am committed to crafting delightful digital experiences that engage users and contribute to the business’s growth and prosperity.

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