Hi there!

Welcome to my site, a passionate collection of content about designing successful experiences!

I am a seasoned designer (15+ years of experience) who strongly believes successful experiences are the outcome of complex alchemy. I am keen to help organizations (incumbents and startups) in finding out how to master the ingredients and the processes to unlock value for both customers and businesses.

I am a seasoned designer (15+ years of experience) who strongly believes successful experiences are the outcome of complex alchemy.

Digital experiences are a unique combination of human thinking and machine response, human behaviours and machine performances. Humans know each better thanks to a technology that constantly evolves around needs and problems.

I do evangelize design thinking approach as a key ingredient for delivering successful experiences is the main driver of my day-to-day fatigue. I am up to linking the business goals with customer problems and needs. This practice allows me to deliver experiences that fit both customers and senior managers expectations.

I am keen to obsessively learn about Product design. It is the way of thinking that helps organizations to create a low-risk environment that boosts the process to change things on the fly and deliver to the market products people love and trust.

I am a maker by nature hence I am a hands-on person. Is hard for me to resist learning and using the toolkits that empower teams to develop and enhance human-centred experiences. Design systems are the cornerstone of the Design Operations activities. I developed and maintained several of them and still, there’s a lot to discover and learn.

As a part of my design duty, I am also 100% up to evangelizing the Design Thinking approach as a cross-functional and inclusive practice. In order to solve people’s problems and needs is mandatory to have the support of all the people involved in delivering the experiences. From the front-stage operations to the back-stage operations is key to always keep track of the interactions and flows both visible and not visible to the end customers.

I do believe people always compare the current experience with the best experiences they have been through.
That’s why for any digital journey I stumble on, I collect design patterns in order to measure how they impact on the product performances. I do analyze both online and offline patterns. At the end of the day, the user will perceive the whole experience as a unique journey no matter the touchpoint. This collection is, for me, a valuable starting point for every project I start working on.

I do love sharing. As I stated before, the design is a cross-functional and inclusive practice. I do believe comparing approaches, methodologies, and tools with other folks is key for the growth as a designer. Design events such as conferences and meetups related to the design world are the best place to start learning and growing.

I shape every step of my career path with the learnings coming from the experiences I previously had. As a social animal working for an organization to me means being part of a community. That’s why I have started writing my designer logbook.

Besides the design-related topics, I am a sneaker-head, a petrol-head, a comic-head and a cookie-head. Due to this large amount of interests, it happens that I tend to overwhelm myself with a plethora of stuff. That’s why I strongly rely on my own random access memories to not get fully lost…