TLDR – FigmaConfig2024

The FigmaConfig2024 was filled with numerous interactions, learnings, and reflections on the evolving design practice, particularly in light of AI taking more maturity in the digital industry. Indeed, the whole AI thing was a big deal at the event. Some panels focused on how generative AI will help designers make digital products and manage design systems. My key takeaway was that “prompt engineering is the art of getting the right answers by knowing how to ask the right questions“.

I’m not sold on how it’ll change my work yet, but I see similarities between how the mobile-first approach disrupted digital design and what generative AI might bring.

Generative AI that can generate code, designs, and even whole experiences with the proper prompts is cool. It can assist teams in going from ideas to finished products faster than ever. Plus, it makes the whole product design process more accessible for all sorts of people to get involved, not just designers. Generative AI can play a significant role in supporting teams in shipping design that unlocks business value.

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TLDR – One Design System for Diverse Corporate Themes

Delivering a design system is one of the most formidable challenges for any design team committed to delivering digital experiences that unlock business value. This project is even more arduous when the team must adapt the components to multiple and diverse Corporate Identity design languages.


Rebranding projects to unlock business value.

Rebranding projects are much more than facelift exercises. As with any design project, they can significantly benefit the business strategy.

Executing a rebranding initiative demands meticulous preparation, a substantial investment, and accurate comprehension of the potential ROI. The risks and benefits of a rebranding project must be carefully evaluated. Organisations can easily stumble into unexpected complexity when facing these projects. The delta between PROs and CONs can create critical friction between business departments and overcast the expected return on investment (ROI).

According to my experience, when a rebranding project starts, the collaboration between departments is crucial to list all the problems and focus on what will unleash more business potential. Afterwards, the coordination among departments concerning its implementation can make a difference in determining its success.

I’ve listed the topics that can help evaluate the risk of embarking on a rebranding project and better foresee the business value it could unlock for the organisation.

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Hiring a designer! Lessons learned and changes for next time.

Hiring talent is an exciting adventure and, at the same time, a tremendous journey!

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Government services dashboard, the anatomy of a POC

Government services, the anatomy of a proof of concept, main sections: Results of the first loop | User expectations | Business expectations | Design challenges | Approach | Toolkit |User expectations

I was asked to design a proof of concept for a Government services dashboard that would allow users to easily find and access COVID-19-related services during the pandemic.

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