Design Patterns – User eXperience design for responsive projects (aka RWD)

How is the best way to involve the user experience design in responsive projects?

UX and Product Design

Starting a RWD project needs planning and effort.
My experiences give me some findings that always start with a bunch of questions.

The topics are focused on:

  • To use or to not use a framework to build our html pages;
  • Which constrains we should check from the user angle before to start a responsive projects;
  • In which milestone we should start to think about the User eXperience;
  • Which tools we’ve to use to deliver all the project assets;
  • How is possible to integrate the User eXperience flow in our business process (ex. Agile);
  • What’s the best way to check the user feedbacks and improve new and/or better features?

I collected some of them to explain my experience crossing RWD projects mostly in the e-commerce field.

You can read more about this topic on my slide:


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