Design Events – UX Camp Zurich 2015, My Takeovers

What happened at the UX Camp in Zurich, what I learned, what I discovered and all my takeovers.


Attending a UX event is always something exciting and useful.
This is the second time that I join the UX Camp in Zurich and it fitted with all my expectations.

Here the most interesting sessions I attended:

    • Story Mapping, was great to be part of the exercise guided by Christian Heldstab about the process when we start to design a service/product from the user perspective.
      – Do we check from the beginning how many tasks the user needs to solve to accomplish the user journey?
      – Is it correct to deliver design solutions according the MVP approach?
      – Is it correct to define the main UX KPIs and deliver the service/product just following these goals?
      – Is there a best practice set to involve product owners and/or stakeholders?
      – In which way the UX designer can increase the user experience defining tasks and subtasks?
  • Qualitative Tests and Quantitative Tests, interesting speech by the TestingTime CEO about how is important to communicate the real meanings of the user tests.
    – How we can explain to the client/stakeholder that the user tests are part of the design flow?
    – How we can explain that they are not an optional if we want to deliver solutions according the user centered design methodology;
    – What’s the right setup to coordinate the development, design and business KPIs with the tests and their results?
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Here you can find the Twitter Stream of the event to check all the topics, enjoy!


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