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Welcome to my site, a passionate collection of content about design that unlocks successful experiences, technology that improves our lives and business that shapes a better world!

Successful experiences, especially the digital ones, are the outcome of complex alchemy. During my 20+ years of my career as a designer, I’ve helped organizations (incumbents, tech dinosaurs and startups) learn how to master the ingredients and the processes necessary to allow this alchemy to unlock successful experiences that fit customers needs and businesses goals.

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Sketch Meetup Zürich

Successful Experiences - Sketch Meetup Zürich

I am the Sketch ambassador for the Zürich community. If you are a Sketch enthusiast or if you’re wondering if this is the right digital design toolkit for you and your organization, I recommend joining our Meetup. You will get in touch with a bunch of passionate folks up to share their experiences and their opinions about how to use Sketch for delivering successful experiences.

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