TLDR – FigmaConfig2024

The FigmaConfig2024 was filled with numerous interactions, learnings, and reflections on the evolving design practice, particularly in light of AI taking more maturity in the digital industry. Indeed, the whole AI thing was a big deal at the event. Some panels focused on how generative AI will help designers make digital products and manage design systems. My key takeaway was that “prompt engineering is the art of getting the right answers by knowing how to ask the right questions“.

I’m not sold on how it’ll change my work yet, but I see similarities between how the mobile-first approach disrupted digital design and what generative AI might bring.

Generative AI that can generate code, designs, and even whole experiences with the proper prompts is cool. It can assist teams in going from ideas to finished products faster than ever. Plus, it makes the whole product design process more accessible for all sorts of people to get involved, not just designers. Generative AI can play a significant role in supporting teams in shipping design that unlocks business value.

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A (un)comprehensive guide

Effective stakeholder management is a pivotal aspect of any design project. In today’s fast-paced environment, designers must communicate effectively with decision-makers. Stakeholder management ensures that all stakeholders are involved throughout the design process and that their feedback is considered.