Real estate app, the anatomy of proof of concept

Real Estate app main sections: User expectations | Business expectations | Design challenges | Results of the first loop | Approach | Toolkit

I was asked to design a POC of a real estate app to allow users to figure out how much their real estate properties are worth.

Real estate represents uncharted waters to me. I started to benchmark some websites and apps to have more than a gut feeling in terms of visual languages, interaction patterns and UX best practices applied to this industry.

Results of the first design loop

User expectations:

  • light and straightforward experience to quickly figure out how much a real estate property is worth

Business expectations

  • Collect user data such as the whereabouts of the real estate properties
  • Onboard users and start creating trust and loyalty

Design challenges

  • Design a mobile-first approach based user journey focused on the target audience
  • Create a POC as a pillar to quickly iterate with developers and the other teams involved to create a low-risk environment to allow changes on the fly
  • Short timeline


In order to design successful experiences, I do apply the design thinking approach.
On top of that, I always try to combine the 3 key ingredients of the design thinking practice.


  • I used Sketch for the high-fidelity design
  • I used InVision for creating a clickable prototype to test with friends and family and to collect comments

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