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Sketching is part of my DNA, I am always fancy to grab any tool able to transfer what I have in mind on a surface and this is it!

Hand sketches are my favourite deliverables to visualize things, thoughts, ideas and desires. I do love to draw with ball pens, I love the smell and the feeling only the ink can provide. I do love to use standard A4 paper normally used for printing stuff. “As a petrol-head person I lose myself in imaging motorbikes I would love to ride.

Hand Sketches design process

My own design process starts with browsing Instagram feeds focused on custom motorbikes AKA cafe racer. Very often I stumble on a bunch of bikes I love. That’s the moment when I start to figure out how could look like my version of that bike. I start to draw basic shapes such as circles for the tires and triangles for the different pieces of the frame. Once I am satisfied with the hand sketches, I make a photo of them with my iPhone and I work on their digital version with Adobe Photoshop. I am still thinking of how to improve this process to be faster in updating the gallery. On top of that, the correction of the pics on Photoshop requires a lot of time and this could be an issue for the scalability of the whole process. Anyway, as I wrote the goal of this practice is to have fun and I will try, fail and do it again as long as I am having fun!

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